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The Weed Blog review

The Weed Blog Strain Review on Udoxi’s Liquid Amber
This last weekshango-8-ball-diesel-vape-pen-oil-liquid-amberend I was lucky enough to get my hands on some Liquid Amber vape pen oil. The strain used for the vape pen oil was 8 Ball Diesel, and it came from the Shango dispensary in Portland, Oregon. Whenever I say vape pen oil, people almost always assume I’m talking about wax or shatter. But what I’m actually referring to is liquid butane hash oil, the kind that comes in cartridges as shown in the picture in the upper right hand corner of this article. It’s my favorite form of consumption, more so than shatter or wax or flower…read rest of article

Liquid Amber

Health Risks of E-Cigarettes

Please read this article from on the dangers of additives in e-cigarettes. It talks of the effects of heating the additives that are put in the nicotine liquids in the common e-pens. The exact same additives are put in most cannabis e-pens. Our Liquid Amber cartridges are formulated without the use of glycerin or propylene glycol like so many other concentrate companies. The full article is at.. Health Risks of E-Cigarettes.

A quote from the article ..

“Higher end models of e-cigs allow the user to adjust the voltage from the battery, which regulates the intensity of the heating element. As the solution gets hotter, it intensifies the effect of the nicotine hit. Unfortunately, these higher temperatures also affect the glycerin and propylene glycol used as solvents within the e-liquid, converting them to carbonyls found in cigarettes such as formaldehyde and acetaldehyde. ”


The Vice Article

Jason Wasserman of Udoxi is quoted in an Vice article discussing the ban on cannabis products that are brightly colored or shaped like animals, toys, or candies in Oregon. It also talks of the importance on testing products for use as medicine, versus recreation.

“The edibles they’re talking about are essentially recreational,” Wasserman said. “You have to look at the efficiency of your delivery system. An orally active product has to go through your stomach and digestive system to do you any good. So you can’t say, eat this lollipop and in 20-40 minutes it might give you relief.”

“If you’re taking cannabis as a regimen throughout the day for symptom management, you would go to combustion, vaporizing and spray, or sublingual,” said Wasserman.

Read the full article on Vice

New Analysis done on Liquid Amber Concentrates

Liquid Amber's "Girl Scout Cookie" Concentrate, THC 89.6%

Liquid Amber’s “Girl Scout Cookie” Concentrate, THC 89.6%

Quality testing was performed on the latest Liquid Amber concentrates. The potency profile, pesticide analysis, microbial analysis, and moisture analysis were performed by Chemhistory expert quality control services . The results were very positive, no residual solvents, pesticides or molds on any of our concentrates. Check out the Test Results tab to see the analysis of the 6 strains.

Udoxi aquires Liquid Amber

Udoxi Scientic is proud to announce the acquisition of cannabis concentrate company Liquid Amber, LLC.  Udoxi will now be providing Liquid Amber’s patent pending formulations for sale to qualified dispensaries in legal states.  For more information on dispensaries that carry Liquid Amber or how to purchase or set up an account with us, please see the new Liquid Amber page.

Liquid Amber


Welcome to UDOXI Scientific

Udoxi Scientific, LLC manufactures custom commercial closed loop hydrocarbon solvent essential oil extractors which provide clean, high quality oil through safe efficient production. Hydrocarbon concentrates are the most highly desired concentrate currently available. Our extractors processes material at a rate of 30-100 pounds of material in 8 hours with an 80% hydrocarbon solvent reclamation rate.  Solvent loss comes from off gassing of spent source material due to the rapid rate of source material moving through the system.

Why Hydrocarbon Supercritical Solvent?

  • No hydrophilic bonding in the extraction.
  • No hazardous greenhouse gasses to release.
  • Higher yields than CO2.
  • Over a 100% more energy efficient vs. CO2.
  • Less polar than CO2.
  • Pure Hydrocarbons are recognized as safe by the FDA.
  • CO2 has a higher potential for concentrating water soluble contaminants.