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Health Risks of E-Cigarettes

Please read this article from on the dangers of additives in e-cigarettes. It talks of the effects of heating the additives that are put in the nicotine liquids in the common e-pens. The exact same additives are put in most cannabis e-pens. Our Liquid Amber cartridges are formulated without the use of glycerin or propylene glycol like so many other concentrate companies. The full article is at.. Health Risks of E-Cigarettes.

A quote from the article ..

“Higher end models of e-cigs allow the user to adjust the voltage from the battery, which regulates the intensity of the heating element. As the solution gets hotter, it intensifies the effect of the nicotine hit. Unfortunately, these higher temperatures also affect the glycerin and propylene glycol used as solvents within the e-liquid, converting them to carbonyls found in cigarettes such as formaldehyde and acetaldehyde. ”


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