Udoxi Scientific, LLC holds the following US Patents:
U.S. Patent 9,145,532 B2 – Methods For Extracting Solute From A Source Material

U.S. Patent 9,144,751 B2- Systems For Extracting Solute From A Source Material

Udoxi Scientific has been awarded 2 US patents: U.S. Patent 9,144,751 B2 and U.S. Patent 9,145,532 B2 on their equipment and process.  Two continuation in parts on these  patents have published on December 17, 2015 as Publication No. US 2015-0360144 and Publication No. US 2015-0361376. Udoxi has another continuation in part pending as well as the pending Liquid Amber patent.  Udoxi continues their tradition of creating Intellectual property relevant to natural product extraction and manufacturing.


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