Welcome to Udoxi Scientific

                Specialists in Flavors and Fragrance

Udoxi Scientific, LLC manufactures industrial closed loop multi solvent essential oil extraction facilities providing clean high quality concentrates through safe efficient production.  Our facilities are built to state compliance standards with the ability to meet ISO9001 manufacturing standards.  Our extractors process material at a rate of 100-300 pounds of material in an 8 hour shift our systems are scalable and meant to run 24 hours a day.  All systems are made out of 316 stainless steel and A rated for material/solvent compatibility.

Why Multi Solvent?

  • No hydrophilic bonding in the extraction.
  • No hazardous greenhouse gasses to release.
  • Higher yields than CO2.
  • Over a 100% more energy efficient vs. CO2.
  • Less polar than CO2.
  • Pure Hydrocarbons are recognized as safe by the FDA.
  • CO2 has a higher potential for concentrating water soluble contaminants.

To contact us please email us at info@udoxiscientific.com