Custom Facilities:

Udoxi Scientific creates custom processing facilities to meet the needs of our clients.  We work with our clients with specific needs on processing quantity and speed, variable space constraints,  etc. for creating the perfect processing facility for different locations.

An example of one of our processing machines:

Multisolvent Oil Extractor (M.S.O.E)

 1 Ton Model

The 1 ton M.S.O.E. system meets all of your industrial multisolvent extraction needs, in a scalable, modulated, single unit.

  • Produces solvent free concentrates in the vacuum oven collection vessel.
  • Prepare food grade concentrates.
  • Limit the amount of water soluble contaminates.
  • Retain full terpene profile.
  • Run hot or cold processes based on desired concentrate.
  • Efficient scalability: Modulated collection reclamation systems allow for 24/7 continuous extraction based on demand.
  • Reclamation system: Only multisolvent reclamation system that is entirely constructed of material A rated for material/solvent compatibility.
  • Quick fill reservoir: Allows for instant emersion in solvent for accurate soak times.
  • Manual controls: For artisan results at commercial production rates.
  • Multipurpose collection vessel: Collection vessel doubles as a vacuum oven for concentrate processing.


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